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Tom Izzo To Announce Decision On Cavs Tomorrow

Tom Izzo met with his Michigan State players this afternoon to inform them that he would announce his decision on the Cavaliers Head Coaching position tomorrow, has reported.  It was also reported that Izzo's players got the impression he was going to accept the Cavaliers' offer.

Sources told The Plain Dealer that although Izzo gave no indication what his decision would be, players came away with the impression that he would take the Cavs job.

While much of this has been speculated over the past couple of days, past incidents like the one with Florida's Billy Donovan show that until Izzo is in town, working in his office, nothing regarding the situation should be assumed.

The Cavaliers, for their part, are still in discussions with Byron Scott, just in case Izzo should decide he is going to stay in East Lansing.

Stay Tuned...