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So, You Like Labatt Blue Light? How About The Refreshment Duo??


The post is sponsored by Blue Light.

Do you like Labatt Blue Light?  I have to admit I do.  No, really.  If so, then you probably like the Refreshment Duo as well.  Never heard of them?  They are tasked with making sure you're refreshment is taken care of all summer long.  Even better, they are throwing a party and YOU could win an invite!!

It’s basically a huge jam where you rock the snowy outdoors by day and party by night… and they’re hoping that you can join them.  And don’t worry — there will be enough Blue Light Girls for everyone.

Just go to their site at to find out more about how to enter to win a ticket for you and a friend.  The site is pretty cool; you can play games, watch their videos and send your friends a personalized message from the Duo.

So there you have it.  

Step 1 - Go Visit and see videos, play games and have fun

Step 2 - Enter the contest to win a ticket to a party with the Duo and some of their closest friends!

Step 3 - If you're lucky, WIN!