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Lakers Repeat as Champions: NBA Finals Game Seven - Lakers 83, Celtics 79

In an ugly final game of the NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in Los Angeles on Thursday night, 83-79,  to repeat as champions, winning the last two games at home to go back-to-back.

32.5 percent shooting from the field - abysmal...20 percent shooting on three's - atrocious...your superstar going 6 for 24 from the floor - abominable...a 20 free throw attempt advantage at home (and making ten more free throws than your opponent) - priceless.  The Lakers accomplished all four this evening in a game which may be looked at as both great defensively and as a great big apple in two teams' throats.

Regardless...congratulations, Lakers.

And goodnight, 2009-10 season.