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Akron 'Appreciates' LeBron, Nervous Cleveland Waits for July

Akron held "LeBron James Appreciation Day" today, and after a long wait, wherein it appeared that The King might not show, LeBron held court for a few thousand adoring fans.

LeBron, as it probably does not need to be said, made no commitment in his remarks, no promises, and basically, gave no clues as to his plans.  He did heap praise on the city where he was born, and he said that everything that he does, he does for his hometown, and that he will always love it.

The season is over now, and the wait for July begins in earnest, as the Cavs still ponder possible head coaches, and as the clock winding down to free agency rapidly approaches midnight.

Let's hope...let's earnestly hope...that the next act of appreciation is LeBron showing appreciation for seven years of  loyalty from some of the best, if not the best, fans in the world, and signing on to stay in Northeast Ohio for another few years, at least.