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Cavaliers Update Their Logo, Colors

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced today that they have updated their primary and secondary logos and wordmarks to now represent an "original expression" of the team’s wine and gold colors.

The logo and wordmark designs will remain the same, but the color changes, to a deeper wine and brighter gold, are truer to the hues that were a part of the team’s history from 1970-1983. These original colors have been very popular with fans as evidenced in the recent success of the team’s Hardwood Classic line of merchandise and specialty uniforms that features retro styles and colors from the earlier years of the Cavs.

"The response from our fans related to our classic uniforms and merchandise has been tremendous over the last several seasons, especially our original wine and gold color mix items. As a result, we’re very excited to bring the spirit of the original expression of wine and gold into our brand full-time for the future," said Tracy Marek, the Cavaliers senior vice president of marketing.

The team will incorporate the color updates into all of their branding and graphics, including new uniforms for the upcoming 2010-2011 season. The new uniforms will debut later this summer.

The current Cavalier logo designs and full graphic identity package were introduced at the final home game of the 2002-2003 season as a "new expression of wine and gold." Now, the updated Cavalier logos and graphic identity package will reflect the fan-popular original wine and gold colors, along with the navy that was introduced during the 2003 makeover.

New Cavalier Logos