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Cavaliers Looking To Buy or Trade Way Into Draft?

The NBA draft will be held tomorrow (the 24th), and although the Cavaliers do not have any picks in either round, there is a chance that Cleveland might trade or buy its way in in an attempt to pick up a big man or a point guard. 

The most likely candidate to be moved in trade would be Delonte WestMo Williams has been mentioned as a possibility as well, but Williams' contract makes it a less likely proposition.

Buying into a higher draft pick historically does not happen until the day of, as teams check on the availability of targeted players before committing to the monetary investment of moving up.  With no picks, the Cavs might be looking to buy in, as several teams are said to be interested in selling picks to clear salary cap space.

If there is any news, we'll no doubt have it here for you as soon as possible.