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Cavaliers interviewing Brian Shaw, hoping to settle coaching vacancy by Thursday

The Cavaliers, eager to have a coach in place by the time free-agency begins on Thursday, are conducting interviews early this week with Los Angeles Lakers' assistant coach Brian Shaw.

Shaw has emerged as a candidate as viable as Byron Scott, the former Hornets' and Nets; coach and Lakers' star who is still supposed to be waiting to see if Phil Jackson will retire, or return to the Lakers, before making a decision about 2010-11, although Scott has intimated that he would take the Cleveland job even if LeBron James leaves, and that he is not, in fact, waiting to see what Jackson does.

Of course, Shaw would also be a logical candidate to take the Lakers' job should Jackson retire, but his lack of head-coaching experience might, in such a situation, make Scott more desirable for a Los Angeles team which will be shooting for a three-peat next season.

With only two full days remaining until July 1st, look for some fast movement coming up soon, and hopefully by this time next week, the Cavs will know who the General will be who will try to keep the King.