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The NBA Finals: Finally

Although it seems like a long time ago that the Cavaliers were eliminated from the post-season, basketball marches into Los Angeles tonight for the first game of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

That is, of course, if Jim Joyce announces that it is 'safe' to do so.  (Couldn't resist that one, and I really do feel badly about what happened last night in Detroit.  But back to the issue at hand.)

I have not gone to the length of looking too closely at this series.  We all know well enough about the Celtics, and the Lakers have revved their engines at just the right time for them.  Of course, that was not all that unexpected.

The series is a 2-3-2 format, which is only implemented for the Finals in the NBA.  With that being said, although it looks like something that could favor Boston if they can steal a quick game in L.A., even if they did, and theoretically went back home tied at one game apiece, the Celtics would then have to sweep their three home games to avoid making a final trip back to the West Coast for one, possibly two, games. 

I will not root in this series any more than I rooted for either Boston or Orlando in the Eastern Finals.  But I will make a guess as to the outcome, based on gut-feeling and the ability that the Celtics have shown to not be intimidated at all on the road, both during the regular season and, again, in these playoffs.

I say the Celtics win it all in six games, with the finale taking place in front of Jack Nicholson and Friends.

How about you?