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Change Of Plans - Byron Scott Looks To Be Cavs Next Coach

In the complete mess that has become the NBA the past couple of days, the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be close to naming a Head Coach.  Again.  That coach appears to be Byron Scott, the front-runner for the job before Brian Shaw became the front-runner and was expected to be named the Head Coach yesterday.  Shaw took his name out of the running today, leading the Cavaliers to go back to Scott.  Are you still with me?

After initially denying ESPN's report that the Cavaliers were negotiating with Scott to become the new head man in Cleveland, Scott's agent, Brian McInerney did admit the Cavaliers and Scott re-opened talks earlier today.

What a difference 24-hours makes.

It was only yesterday that McInerney sent out a message of congratulations to Shaw, with Scott 'welcoming a Laker Brother into the coaching ranks'.  There were even reports that Shaw was assembling a coaching staff with knowledge of the triangle-offense.  In the end, the Cavaliers never officially offered the job to Brian Shaw and he, in turn, removed himself from consideration.

That leads us back to Scott, the 2-time Head Coach who took New Jersey to back-to-back Finals appearances in 2002-2003 then won a Coach of the Year Award in New Orleans in 2008.  

Whatever the case, the Cavaliers need to get some stability within the coaching staff as they begin the pursuit of LeBron James and whomever else they plan on bringing in.