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Free Agency Begins, Cavaliers Plan To Be Active

Yes, LeBron James is now an unrestricted Free Agent.  I am going to try and avoid posting every rumor, every innuendo that will surely pop up over the next several days.  Instead, you can follow all of that stuff over HERE

When there is something real to report, believe me, we'll report it.  For now, let's focus on the Cavaliers and who they might be targeting now the July 1, 2010 is here.  Other than LeBron James, that is.

We start with Cavaliers know-it-all Brian Windhorst who tweeted the following names - 

  • C Brendan Haywood, with a possible a double sign and trade involving Shaquille O`Neal
  • SG Ray Allen, SG Mike MIller, SG John Salmons - each is an intriguing option, but only if LeBron stays.

The Cavaliers will also be in on any conversations about Amar'e Stoudemire and Chris Bosh, but LeBron is a must have in either case.