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NBA Finals Game One - Lakers 102, Celtics 89

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All the talk after last night's opening game of the Finals was about how L.A. was tougher than the Celtics, with Ron Artest setting the tone early by getting tangled up with Paul Pierce, both players going to the floor and getting technicals.  With the Lakers holding a two-year long grudge against the team that humbled them in '08, Doc Rivers will have to make adjustments before Game Two.

The Lakers put on a show for the pretty people last night, beating Boston by 13 to take the early lead in the series.  Boston laid an egg in the second half, falling behind by 20 points in the third quarter and never getting close again thereafter.

Of course, we all remember how the Celtics had the halftime lead in the first game against the Cavs and then folded in the second half and lost.   Little did the Cavaliers know that that would be the last home game they would win this season.  By Game Two against Cleveland, adjustments had been made and  Boston evened the series, and we all know how it ended.

This recap and all Finals recaps to come are for your convenience, to discuss the games if you wish.  Please don't expect in-depth coverage:  I was probably asleep by the time the second half started last night.

Game Two is tomorrow night.  Hopefully we will be treated to the "thrill" of seeing the celebrity parade again.