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Cavaliers Making A Run At Tom Izzo

Have the Cavaliers offered their vacant head coaching position to current Michigan State coach Tom Izzo?  If you believe a report by Bob Finnan in the News-Herald, that's exactly what happened.  While it is not a surprise that Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert would love to have Izzo, the fact that the situation has gone so far as an offer from Gilbert to Izzo is a bit surprising.

The Cavaliers want to make a big splash with their next coaching hire.

According to a league source, they are centering their efforts on bringing in Michigan State coach Tom Izzo.

In fact, they've already made him an offer to be their coach, the source said. It's going to take a lot of money to convince Izzo to leave the confines of the college ranks.

Exactly what it take to persuade Izzo to leave the comfy confines of college basketball for the virtual meat-grinder that is the NBA?  Plenty of zero's, I'd imagine.  Still, it would have to be considered a long-shot, despite Gilbert's deep pockets.