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NBA Finals Game Three - Lakers 91, Celtics 84

I had a little business to attend to last night with the new SBNation Cleveland site that is starting soon and so did not see any of the Lakers-Celtics game, but the salient points to take note of were that Kobe Bryant went 10 for 29 from the field - barely 34% - and yet looked like a sharpshooter next to Ray Allen, who, after setting an NBA Finals record with 8 three's in Game Two, went oh-for-13 and racked up an impressive two points in total in Game Three.

The Lakers stole back the home-court advantage that they had frittered away in L.A., and took a two-games-to-one lead in the championship series, with a 91-84 triumph over Boston in a game that stretched well into the time slot of The Tonight Show.  If any of these Finals' games should last into double-overtime, the television competition might be informercials.

Feel free, if you saw the game, to add your thoughts to this very abbreviated recap. 

Game Four is Thursday night in Boston, where the Celtics will take the floor knowing that, at best, they will have to return to Los Angeles now to win the title, and with the possibility existing that L.A. could win the title Sunday and celebrate in front of a sea of green.