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We're Having A Party! SBN-Cleveland Launch Party at Fat Heads, June 17th!


I'm sure by now that you have heard that SB Nation began launching regional websites last week, such as SB Nation Chicago. Next week, SB Nation Cleveland will launch on June 17.  This is an exciting time for all of us - not just because I will be the Editor of the site, in charge of the day-to-day operations, but because it will provide Cleveland sports fans a new outlet to get their sports fix!

To see the evolution of SB Nation over such a short period of time is remarkable. SB Nation is receiving recognition in the mainstream media business outlets, such as from the Nieman Journalism Lab, the New York Times, and an especially interesting article from Dan Shanoff.

There might be some confusion as to exactly what the regional sites are intended to accomplish. First off, the most important thing to understand is that they will not replace the die-hard team-specific content that you will find on a Dawgs By Nature, Fear the Sword, or Let's Go Tribe. Instead, I believe the regional site is intended to appeal to the casual fan -- the one who might visit or ESPN daily to get a quick snapshot of what's going on in Cleveland sports.

The regional site will provide that snapshot. In addition, it will also feature content from the individual blogs to provide them with more exposure.


Meet Up in North Olmstead

Now, here comes the fun part. To celebrate the launch, we would love for as many of our die-hard SB Nation Cleveland fans to attend a meet-up at Fat Head's in North Olmsted on June 17th from 6-9 PM:

  • What: Cleveland Launch Party Meet Up
  • When: June 17th, 2010 from 6-9PM
  • Where: Fat Heads, 24501 Lorain Rd., North Olmstead, OH 44070

Happy Hour will be from 3-7PM, and ½ price apps will start at 9PM.

This is a great opportunity to meet with some of the more level-headed fans in Cleveland. Even the off-beat fans are welcomed; perhaps you'll get to meet everyone's favorite mooncamping? Leave a response if you think you'll be able to attend the meet up!

P.S. If you are out of state, there are meet ups being held in other cities across the country.