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RUMOR - Tom Izzo Told Spartan Players He Accepted Cavs Job; MSU Says It Is Untrue

There is a hot rumor beginning to circulate that Tom Izzo did, in fact, tell his Michigan State players that he had accepted the Cavaliers Head Coaching job.  That rumor, swirling around Twitter today, reportedly began when one of Izzo's players, a former Cleveland St. Edwards star, told the Eagles' coach what was said during the meeting. 

This is unsubstantiated at the moment, but momentum has been moving towards Izzo accepting the job after days of the general feeling being that he would stay at MSU.

Cleveland Sports site WaitingForNextYear added that Izzo is planning on waiting to announce the move until his kids are finished with their school year in Lansing.

Cavaliers Beat-Writer Brian Windhorst followed it all up with a tweet of his own, saying that sources he talked to in East Lansing say that Izzo DID NOT tell his players he was leaving.  He went on to say that the feeling at Michigan State is an answer could come sooner rather than later.

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