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Joe Tait Gives His 'Call' On LeBron's Defection

It is quite apparent now that Joe Tait will never have the chance to call a Finals-winning game for the Cavaliers, as it has been announced that Tait will be hanging up the microphone next year, and sadly, the Cavs won't be bringing home any title in 2010-11.

Ever the straight-shooter, Joe had this to say about the newest member of the Miami Heat.

And for those who feel as if the Cavaliers are now doomed to mediocrity, or worse, for those who feel that "it will never be the same without LeBron and the franchise might as well pack it in"...Joe was there for all the great moments pre-LeBron, and I am sure that he would agree with me in saying...

There will be a tomorrow, and a next day, and someday, even if Joe is not the broadcaster anymore, there will be a championship.