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A Time To Move Forward For Cavaliers Fans

I'm not going to tell anyone how they should handle the Lebron James situation.  Everyone becomes a fan at different times.  For some of you out there, you became Cavaliers fans the day LeBron was drafted.  Perhaps you got hooked in 2007 when the Cavaliers got to the NBA Finals.  Or, like me, it was the Price/Daugherty/Nance Cavaliers that did it.  There are also the real die-hards, fans since the team was Wine and Gold the first time around.  The important thing is we are all CAVS fans, not fans of a player.  That is an important distinction.

I say all that because, after a weekend of reporting on every sneeze and cough LeBron James made, I am done.  Not done out of bitterness, but done because LeBron James is now a member of the Miami Heat - and this is a Cleveland Cavaliers blog.  The minute the Cavs agreed to the sign and trade, I was done.  The minute the last piece of vinyl poster came down of that building in Cleveland, I was done.

This site is not going to become a TMZ-esque venue for LeBron James rumor and innuendo.  I am not going to post every time LeBron has a bad game, nor look for every reason to rip the guy.  That might be what some sites do, but not this one.  I am going to be the place Cavs fans come to talk about the Cavs, the NBA, and basketball, starting tomorrow when the Cavs' Summer League team sees its' first action.

I won't ignore LeBron, or pretend his time with the Cavs didn't exist, but I want this to be a home for Cavaliers fans.  In a way, the benefit of LeBron no longer being in Cleveland is the clearing out of LeBron-homers.  Fans of LeBron, not of the Cavs.  It was always an interesting dynamic on the site, a group of fans that could care less about the history and tradition of Cleveland or the Cavaliers, choosing instead to care about nothing more the #23.

LeBron chose to make a new start, with a new website, new twitter account, new city, new team and new number.  We will as well.

We've seen Mo Williams and Boobie Gibson come out in support of Cleveland.  Instead of focusing on what we don't have, let's give thanks for what we do have.  Players, and people, from elsewhere that love and appreciate the city of Cleveland and us fans in a way a guy from down the street never seemed to be able to.

To all Cavaliers fans that found this site in large part because of the events of the past 4 days or so, I welcome you.  If you are a true Cavs fan, you've come to the right place.  Grab a stool, kick back, and let's talk about the team we all love, the Cavaliers!