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Big Z makes it official, inks deal with Miami

Although we knew it was coming, and thus it should be anti-climactic, still there is going to be something bizarre come next season about seeing Zydrunas Ilgauskas playing in a uniform other than a Cavs'.  When Z was traded to Washington last season, there was never any doubt that he was just treading water with the Wizards, and was never going to actually get court-time.

But now?  Now we can count on seeing the long-time Cavalier in enemy uniform.

The big man has officially signed with the Heat, there to join LeBron James in Z's quest for just one ring as his career enters its twilight.

The dilemma now becomes:  How to wish Z all the best in consort with James?  Perhaps it is best to simply say...stay healthy Z, and let's hope that, sometime in mid-season, you are traded to the Lakers or some other team that also is a legitimate contender, so that, if and when you win your ring, it will not be in the shadow of LeBron.