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So where do the Cavs go looking from here?

The Cavaliers' Summer League play is over, and now we have entered the large gap between July and the opening of training camp well over two months away.

Obviously, if the team is going to make any inroads toward contending again next season (the glass is half full until the glass breaks, yes?), some tweaking and additions need to be made.  J.J. Hickson and Pooh Jeter were the stars of the Summer League, but while Hickson is quite likely to be the starting center next year, Jeter might not even be in the mix.  LeBron James is gone, Zydrunas Ilgauskas is gone, and it may well be that Shaquille O'Neal and Delonte West, at least, might be heading elsewhere.

So what do the Cavs do to try to stay competitive next year, with the losses and possible losses in personnel that they will have to absorb? 

Scott at "Waiting for Next Year" gives us a look at some rumors and possibilities in an in-depth article on WFNY.

Do you see any feasible options out there, now that the major free agents have been claimed around the league?  Any sleepers on your personal wish list?