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Chris Paul may want out of the Big Easy....can the Cavs work something to get him?

New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul, although he is under contract and although the Hornets' brass has said he will not be traded, now is reported to want out of New Orleans. 

After trading Tyson Chandler and firing Byron Scott (perks!!) since signing a contract extension and after missing the playoffs last season, Paul is said to be disenchanted and there may be a meeting coming with him early next week to try and make him see that New Orleans still has a plan to contend, although the Hornets' only addition in this off-season has been reserve center Aaron Gray.

Technically Paul is stuck in Nawlins for two more years, but one could envision him letting the Hornets know that he will not be at all happy if they do not work a deal.

Now...can the Cavs get him?  Is there some deal New Orleans would accept to pry him loose?  It is likely that Paul would not be thrilled with the Cavs' situation, but...he is a great admirer and friend of Byron Scott.