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A Very Early Guessing Game

Okay, we have weathered the storm so far.  The season-ending loss to the Celtics hurt for a long time, but that pain has faded now and is like the scab underneath the bandage which heals as long as it is not continually picked at, until all that is left is a scar.  LeBron?  He has been gone long enough that we have reconciled ourselves to going on without him.  As the President said in "Independence Day"  we're going to survive. 

Yes, it is quite clear that a 60-win season will not happen this year, might not happen in a decade or a generation, for after all, it took 39 years for the Cavaliers to win 60 games for the first time...but we're going to survive.

The Indians, bless their hearts, have been really helpful in the healing process, winning 16 out of their last 27 games, a fine winning percentage in any season.  What could have been a truly dismal sports summer at least has shown bright rays of promise for those of us who can divide our attentions and loyalties between multiple sports.  Kudos to the Tribe for being inadvertently cooperative.

And now that the 2010-11 roster is coming into focus, now that we have seen a lot of subtractions but perhaps some decent additions - and have picked up a slew of draft choices for the future -...

I am curious to see your preliminary predictions for the coming season.  What I am looking for here is a ballpark figure of wins and also if you think the Cavs will make the playoffs...and whether it might be better if they do not, given that winning a title is about as likely as Eminem singing at the Grand Ol' Opry.

I say, based on what we see right now and with the codicil that further changes will probably be forthcoming, that the Cavaliers will win 35 games, miss the playoffs, and "win" a shot in the draft lottery.

Okay, fellow Cavs' fans...your turn.