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Ex-Cav Lorenzen Wright Found Dead

Today, Memphis authorities found the body of former Cleveland Cavalier and University of Memphis basketball player Lorenzen Wright. Police officials located the body in a heavily wooded area southeast of Memphis. Reports say Wright was a victim of multiple gunshots and was robbed of tens of thousands of dollars.

Missing since July 19, Wright was believed to have been carrying a significant amount of money when he was last seen in downtown Memphis.

A Memphis native, Wright was in town to visit a number of friends and his six children. He was expected to drive back to Atlanta with his children and a friend the day of his disappearance.

Wright was somewhat of a hometown hero to the Memphis area as he played for the University of Memphis and later for the Memphis Grizzlies. Lorenzen Wright joined the Cavaliers in 2008 and played only one season in Cleveland.

Although he only spent one year in Cleveland, Lorenzen Wright will be missed by fans and loved ones alike. Please keep the Wright family in your thoughts and prayers.