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...And now for the waiting

It is odd, to live in Pennsylvania, and to thus be so distant from the frenzy that has surrounded the past few days of LeBron Mania, what with visits and presentations and fan demonstrations, etc.  The only team in PA, the 76ers, is not involved in the mix of where LeBron may, or may not, end up.

Yet, as a Cavs fan, I am very much interested in what is going to happen, and from a distance, it is a bit frustrating.  I feel...remote...from being on the cutting edge of the action, as so many of you in Cleveland are.  Yet we have this in common, you and I:  the waiting.

The good news is, every day that passes gets us a day closer to resolution, one way or the other.  I am guessing that we will hear the news, or, rather, The News, some time in the coming week.

Until then, all that is left is the waiting.