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Come and join us, one and all.

Happy July 4th, everyone.  I hope that your holiday is going well, and that you and yours will have fun and be safe.

John and I have been spending a lot of time at our "sister site", SBNation-Cleveland.  On that site, I am Richard Bauer, as "AncientMariner" was not exactly what we were looking for there (lol). 

And we need you, one and all.  Come on over there and read a lot more about the Cavs, but also about the Indians and the Browns, and Ohio State, and, I am sure as time goes by, many more things of interest to general Cleveland sports fans.  We really do need you, because we thrive on your comments on the Cavaliers here, and would thrive on your comments over there as well.

Come and join us, we have been up and running for two-and-a-half weeks and the website has not self-destructed, so I am thinking it is a viable concern, and it would be nice to have you there, visiting, commenting, agreeing or blasting.