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Joining Heat Would Ruin LeBron's Legacy

Ok, so this might come off as bitter.  It's not, really.  That's why I am writing it today, before LeBron announces his free agent destination. 

Let me say that I believe whole-heartedly that LeBron James has earned the right to make the decision any way he sees fit.  He has given everything he has to the Cavaliers for the past seven years.  No matter what, I thank LeBron for that.

With that out of the way, let me remind LeBron that a move to South Beach would be the wrong move, and there is really no other way to look at it.  

In most free agent decisions, players look at one of two things when making a decision.  They either want the big payday or they want to win.  Sometimes a player can get both.  We, as fans and media, usually blast players that make a move for money(see Albert Haynesworth) and praise those who want to win, paycheck's be damned.  In that case, shouldn't we be praising LeBron for thinking long and hard about leaving millions on the table to potentially go to a team with D-Wade and Chris Bosh?

In this case, the answer is a resounding NO!

Fairly or unfairly, LeBron's legacy is what is at stake, not merely winning or losing.  That's what comes along with being the most hyped athlete ever to come out of high school.  That's what comes along with exceeding those expectations.  That's what comes along with having a nickname like King James.

Going to Miami, a team with a superstar in place already, can only take away from that legacy.  Right now, LeBron is the greatest Cavalier of all time.  Sure, not the legacy James is hoping for, but heading to Miami, where Wade is The Man, and Pat Riley gets all the credit and little blame, would not help LeBron escape the shadow of Jordan.

On second thought, maybe it would.

Going to Miami would allow LeBron to get out from the weight of Michal's 6 rings, and the 5 rings that belong to Kobe Bryant.  LeBron would no be more Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan - a great player that was unable to win a Championship as the alpha dog, needing other great players to help pull him along.  Maybe that is what LeBron wants.  Less pressure.

Staying in Cleveland, however, would keep LeBron's legacy in tact, or at least give James the ability to build a legacy.  Does that sound hypocritical?  Maybe, but it's not.  Winning a championship in Cleveland, as THE MAN, would mean more to the way LeBron was remembered than winning 2 or 3 in Miami hanging on Wade's coattails.  Even having the guts to stick it out in Cleveland instead of forming some kind of 'dream team' with Riley would look better.  If legacy is what LeBron is about.

He might not be, and that is OK too.  Just remove 'King' from in front of your name, and remove 'King Of Akron' from your Twitter profile.  LeBron James would simply be a great sidekick.