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LeBron Will Make Announcement From Greenwich, CT

We still don't know who LeBron James will play for, but we know when and where he'll make the announcement.  ESPN will air a live one-hour special featuring LeBron's announcement to be shot from Greenwich, CT.  While not officially in any of the NBA towns that wooed LeBron last week, one has to wonder about picking a location that close to New York and the Knicks practice facility.

This has to be especially concerning since LeBron has gone out of his way in the past to make Akron, his hometown, the focal point of huge events in his life - specifically his two MVP Award press conferences.  LeBron also held his free agent meetings in Cleveland - in the offices of his marketing firm LRMR.  It goes without saying that LeBron leaving his element to make such a big announcement is a bit of a surprise.

Should it be?  Perhaps not.  Just this week, LeBron has re-launched, and started tweeting from his Twitter Account.  It is a far-cry from the private LeBron we have grown accustomed to.  Perhaps all these changes are going to lead to the big change everyone in Cleveland is hoping to avoid.