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NBA Salary Cap Higher Than Expected

The NBA released it's salary cap figure for 2010-11, and it comes out about $2 million higher than expected - a whopping $8 million more than many had feared just 18 months ago when the NBA sent a letter to teams to brace for the worst.

What it means is everyone has a bit more money to spend - and max deals just got a bit larger.

In terms of LeBron James, Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst explained in Twitter that it could cost James around $30 million to chose a team other than the Cavaliers.

Amateur math, guessing a bit on max number. Full max with Cavs for LeBron: 6 years, $128 million. Elsewhere: 5 years, $99 millionless than a minute ago via web

Of course, a higher cap will also allow teams like Chicago and Miami to offer LeBron more money that previously thought.  Still, $30 million is $30 million, no matter how you slice, dice, or explain it away with fancy Power Point presentations.

The plot thickens....