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LeBron James Leaning Towards Heat?

The unexpected increase in the NBA salary cap has the Miami Heat possibly on the verge of a major coup in the NBA - signing three mega-free agents including LeBron James.  That is the report from Brian Windhorst this morning on

According to Windhorst, James is 'leaning towards' signing with the Heat tonight, joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in South Beach. 

Chris Broussard reported this morning that several people in LeBron's camp are urging him to return to Cleveland, including close friend Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets.  Paul is still close with former Hornets coach Byron Scott who is now the head man of the Cavaliers.

Chris Paul, one of James' best friends, has urged him to stay in Cleveland and let new Cavaliers coach Byron Scott coach him, according to sources. With such strong sentiment around him to not go to Miami, it's possible James could alter his decision.

Broussard also reports that while James' heart is still in Cleveland, concerns about his age - or his age at the end of a max contract - are weighing on LeBron.

While sources close to James insist his heart is in Cleveland and remaining with the Cavaliers was his preferred choice, they say he had concerns about signing a six-year deal there and ending up "31 years old, with bad knees and no title."

Some in the NBA even think this reported is being floated by LeBron's camp to see what the reaction would be.  

LeBron is an emotional guy and clearly emotion is playing a big part.  It's fluid and is likely to change all day...