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Cavaliers Presser - Chris Grant and Byron Scott Talk About The Future

Cavaliers GM Chris Grant and Head Coach Byron Scott met with the media this afternoon at Cleveland Clinic Courts to talk about the future of the Cavaliers.  Below are some rough quotes.  

Chris Grant - 


  • "Dan has earned the right to voice his opinion. He is one of the most passionate owners in sports."
  • "We has a pretty good team here - we have All-Defensive players here and guys used to winning. They are proud."
  • "Looking back at what we've done I wouldn't have done anything differently."
  • "At this point, LeBron is no longer on this team, we are looking forward."
  • "Before this, we were not going to initiate a sign and trade, if it is the best for the Cavs we'll look at it."
  • "There is no timeline for us. The goal is to win. Period. We have some opportunities available to us, with cap space."
  • "$12 million includes if Delonte West is waived. No Decision has been made yet"
  • "We want to win, and are committed to winning and we are going to do whatever it takes."

Byron Scott - 

  • "I want an owner that has a passion to win. I love that about him. I'm still very, very excited about this team"
  • "We still have a pretty good basketball team. We have guys that are used to winning. We still have a very good core"
  • "I am going to put pressure on ceertain guy to perform at a high level each and every day."
  • "I consider myself old-school, but last night was 'different' I never thought I'd see anything like that in my lifetime."
  • "I am the perfect person for a job like this."
  • "We're going to move forward to the team we have and are going to be successful, I guarantee it."
  • Even without LeBron, this team has more talent that either team I took over in New Jersey or New Orleans.  That's why I am so excited about these guys."