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NBA Free Agents...who's left from 2010, and who might be available in 2011

The 2010 class of available free agents is winding down, with most of the "big names" now off the market.  But what about next year?  Certainly 2011 won't be filled with the drama of 2010, for reasons we are all aware of...reasons I do not need to mention, because it is a new month and, as John said a while ago, it is time to stop dwelling on it.

Even so, there is still activity to be had, still players to be signed, and players who might be left to wither on the vine and find themselves without a "home" when training camps open. has  provided a team-by-team list of all remaining 2010 free agents, as well as a look ahead at the class of 2011.  Of course this list will be subject to much change as time goes on, but for now it is interesting to peruse the names still out there, and it is especially interesting to whet the appetite for who is going to be out there next year.

I invite you to have a browse at the link, and if someone pops out at you who you really think the Cavs should pursue right now, share it, please.  And take a look at the 2011 free-agents-to-be and see who you would find as very desirable and, even more pertinently, who might be realistically expected to be on the Cavaliers' radar screen next year.  For instance, Carmelo Anthony comes available after next season.  Could he come to Cleveland?  Sure, he could.  But would he?  Not really likely in the newly-evolving "mega-team" look of the NBA.