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Ex-Cavalier Delonte West Suspended For 10 Games After Guilty Plea On Weapons Charges

He does not have a team, for now, but when he does find one, it will be a while before he can play for whatever team he ends up with.

Delonte West, traded by the Cavaliers to Minnesota and then waived by the Timberwolves, was handed a 10-game suspension by the NBA related to the weapons charges that West pleaded guilty to in July.

Without a team since August 3rd, when Minnesota let hm go, West is on a lenient home detention that would allow him to travel to games.  Delonte, who has averaged just a shade under 10 points per game in a six-year career, including two-and-a-half years with the Cavs, is afflicted with bipolar disorder, and has battled the disorder throughout his career.