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Time to get off of the sidelines

Greetings, fellow Cavs' fans. It has been a while since I posted much here. Part of that is due to where I live, I think. Central Pennsylvania is beautiful and I feel fortunate to be here, but let's face it, folks: it is not a place that has its finger on the pulse of Cleveland sports. Thus much of what I glean for my content here and on our SB Nation site comes from television and from the Internet.

I want to give you quality, above and beyond quantity. You come here to read about the Cavaliers and I want what I write to appeal to you, to give you things to think about, and maybe sometimes to make you smile or even shake your head at me. In this first off-season since I began working for FTS, it has been a little like wandering through a cave with only a lighter to offer illumination. Sometimes the Cavs have provided that little light that I can use to avoid running into the walls of the cave, but often it has been necessary to reach out and feel my way along, careful to avoid any chasms (read: dearth of newsworthy stories...well, besides that little LeBron thing and Shaq in Beantown) along the way.

John has provided me with some good suggestions to liven things up a bit, and as September dawns and progresses, there are going to be many features, maybe so many that you will groan and say "Oh no, dude, take your ship and sail away already!" I hope you won't feel that way.

To help the process, I will use the analogy of being trapped in the corner with the shot-clock winding down. I look left, I look right, and all I see are opposing big's crowding me on all sides. But I know there is a way to break free, pop out to the three-point line, and take a pass for an open look with a second to go (and what better place to use an analogy of a long three than from 300 miles away?)

What kind of features would you like to see as autumn approaches and training camp nears? When you sign on to FTS, what would you like to read about, in a perfect world?

The shot-clock is winding down. I have an opportunity to dish off, thanks to Our Fearless Leader's suggestions. But I also want another option, in case my first option gets bumped out of bounds and spills Gatorade all over the scorer's table.

Suggestions, dear fellow fans?