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Cleveland Cavaliers News - Fear The Links - 9/29/10

Fear The Links is your daily cup of Wine and Gold coffee.  A quick link-dump of today's biggest stories surrounding the Cavaliers.  Posted each morning, FTL will be your one stop-shop for Cavaliers news each morning.  Did I miss a link?  Email Me!

When Byron Scott's first practice as Cavaliers coach ended after three sweaty hours Tuesday, players were lining up to get into the large cold tub at Cleveland Clinic Courts.

From the Cavaliers weight room in Cleveland Clinic Courts, Daniel Gibson discusses the first full day of Byron Scott’s first Training Camp in Episode 2 of "Camp Up-Close with Boobie." Coach pledged to run the squad during Camp, and Daniel confesses that a couple of the guys lost more than their breath during Day One.


CAVALIERS: Leading Man
In the midst of what was easily the most turbulent offseason in four decades of franchise history, the Cavaliers had to hire a head coach who could restore one thing to a shaken city: confidence.

Mo Williams, Cleveland Cavaliers usher in new era without LeBron James: 'He's not coming back' - ESPN
Surrounded by cameras and familiar faces Mo Williams hadn't seen in months, Cleveland's guard looked up, stretched his arms out to both sides and announced what the world has known about the Cavaliers since a fateful decision this summer.

He never got to coach LeBron, but Byron Scott knows the sting of Pat Riley's machinations: Bill Livingston |
Three-peat. It is a familiar term now, applied to the imperial aspirations of great sports dynasties.

Surprising though it may be to outsiders, real life goes on in Cleveland: Connie Schultz |
As a resident of Northeast Ohio, I'm like everyone else around here: My reason for living did not evaporate on July 8, 2010 — no matter what the national media say. Basketball: Erie BayHawks - Jackson intent on making final Cavs roster
"I'm open to a lot of opportunities, but I'm focused here right now on staying here," said Jackson, who is one of five training-camp invites for the Cavs, who began practice Tuesday for the upcoming 2010-11 season.

Varejao returns to Brazil for grandfather's funeral - Canton, OH -
Anderson Varejao was excused from the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first practice Tuesday so he could return to Brazil following the death of his grandfather.

Delonte West DENIES Sex With LeBron James' Mom
"Not at all," West replied. "I come from an era where you don't say nothing bad about someone's parent, so not at all." West, now with the Celtics, is looking forward to playing with his new team. "There's a lot of excitement here," he said.

Lebron James credits former coach Mike Brown for defensive mentality - Miami Heat -
Amid the fallout in Cleveland after last season's playoff ouster, there was speculation that Mike Brown's firing as coach was linked to a strained relationship with LeBron James