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Mo Williams Injury Status Uncertain

Later today we should get word on the status of injured Cavaliers' PG Mo Williams.  According to the Cavaliers, they are trying to get the 'language' correct with doctors.  What does that mean?  Nothing good, in my opinion.  

Williams has been struggling with leg and groin injuries most of the season.  He has admitted that he has tried to play through it - mainly because the Cavaliers have been so short-handed - but was able to go for only 5 minutes of the Cavaliers 127-99 loss to Denver.

With Daniel Gibson set to return and Anthony Parker not far behind the time has come to get Mo right - no matter how long that takes.  If the Cavaliers can use Williams as trade bait as we approach the trade deadline, the Cavaliers need to make sure he is healthy.  With the loss of Anderson Varejao, the Cavaliers' assets have quickly whittled down to the $14.5 million trade exception they obtained in the LeBron James deal.