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With the 1st pick of the 2011 NBA draft, The Cleveland Cavaliers select..

Who do the Cleveland Cavaliers select? There's quite a few talented players out there this draft, it may not be a clear answer of who as much as what position.

Sure we haven't won in 2011, but we can get a top pick. And if there's one thing you Cav fan's need to learn. I'm a draft nut. Week 1 of the NBA I'm already thinking draft. And with a season like this we have only have one real solace and that would be he draft. This class may not have the star of a franchise of the next decade but with the right picks we very well may be in the playoff hunt once more.

What position do we draft though? There's 5 prospects that are head and shoulders above the rest of this class.Those players are Perry Jones SF Baylor, Jared Sullinger PF Ohio St., Derrick Williams SF/PF Arizona, Kyrie Irving PG Duke, and Enes Kanter PF/C Kentucky. So there's a SF, a PF, a SF/PF, PG and PF/C. All those areas would be upgrades over what we have. (I know I'll get someone saying no Sullinger we have J.J.) It raises the question which way we want to go. I feel anyone of these 5 players could be a top 3 pick if not a number 1 pick. I would go to the extent that if we draft in the top 3 picks (damn lottery) I guarantee one of these will be wearing win in gold in 2011.

Also to those who may not have already known we have our 1st round pick, our 2nd round pick and the Thunders' 2nd Round Pick (top 40 protected). So there is chance we can address our needs at SF, PG and get a Center.

Instead of only voicing my opinion tell me What position you would draft with our top pick. For extra credit tell me your opinion on what we need to look for in round 2 via comments.

--- Addition---
A few "Mock Blockers" that we may look at depending where the lottery may send us. Terrence Jones SF Kentucky, Harrison Barnes SG NC, (underperforming but stellar tourney play may send him top 5 again.) Kemba Walker PG UCONN, Brandon Knight PG Kentucky.