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What Happens If The Cavs Miss the Whole Season?

This lockout is really getting on my nerves. It's incredibly frustrating as an NBA fan and I can't imagine how hard it is for the players. With the first two weeks of the season having already been canceled, you have to start to consider the possibility of an entire season lost. What would this mean for the Cavs and for their fans? Well, probably a lot of sadness and annoyance, first of all. I know that I would personally be incredibly pissed off/disappointed if we didn't get to see any NBA basketball this year. As for the fans in general, I think it would be similarly frustrating. Cleveland fans have been very very good to the team and have packed the Q each and every night. It's no secret how passionate Cleveland fans are and with something exciting to root for this year, it would be a devastating loss. 

As for the team, it's hard to say how they would be impacted. The lack of practice and playing time for rookies, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, will certainly slow their development. You have to think the Byron Scott simply cannot wait to get Irving on the court and start coaching his new point guard. We saw that Blake Griffin didn't miss a beat when he missed a full season after being drafted, but I think it's unfair to compare either of the Cavaliers rookies to Griffin. As a team focused on young talent, the Cavaliers need as much time on the court as they can get. 

Apart from the rookies and new pieces that the Cavaliers have added to the roster this offseason, they still have a number of veteran players that the lockout will affect. Will Baron Davis get really really fat without organized workouts? Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker are both getting up there in years and a lost season would definitely hurt them as they aren't getting any younger. 

The bottom line is that no NBA fan or player wants to miss the entire season. It would be a long, cold, hockey-filled winter without my favorite league. I didn't watch 26 straight losses last season to NOT see Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson on the court this year. It already felt like last season was a lost year for Cavs fans, let's not make it two in a row.