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Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Is Back



It's over. The miserable NBA lockout of 2011 is finally gone. We now have an NBA season upon us. We will, after all, get to see Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Baron Davis, and company donning wine and gold this winter. 

Games are scheduled to start Christmas Day and training camp will start December 9th. There will be a condensed free agency period in between now and then. It will be a 66 game schedule. Considering the alternatives, that's a pretty good outcome. I'll take 66 games over zero games any day of the week.

There are obviously many more details regarding the new CBA agreement and I will be sure to go over those and how they impact the Cavaliers in the coming days. For now, however, all that matters is that we are not going to miss the entire season. You are now free to get uncontrollably excited about Kyrie tossing alley oops to Tristan. 

The NBA's back. Let's go Cavs.