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Required Reading: Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving Scouting Reports

I assume all of you are as exited as I am for the start of the Cavaliers' season in late December, but before we get there, you all have some homework. Unlike last season, when the Cavs had roughly zero players to be excited about, the arrival of Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson gives Cleveland some young talent. With these new players, comes some uncertainty. Irving only played 12 games with Duke due to a toe injury and Tristan Thompson only played one season at Texas. To get a better idea of what these two players bring to the table and where they need improvement, I strongly recommend that you read Sebastian Pruiti's scouting report of each player. Sebastian runs, easily the best NBA blog for X's and O's. He breaks down videos and uses advanced statistics to show the strengths and weaknesses of both players. The links for the reports are after the jump.

Kyrie Irving scouting report

Tristan Thompson scouting report

Read them and get even more excited about the upcoming NBA season and the future of your Cleveland Cavaliers.

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