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Introducing The Cavaliers' Backup Shooting Guards

All early indications are that Anthony Parker is going to be the Cavaliers starting SG and I endorse that right now. He's a nice veteran presence to have out there along with either Ramon Sessions, who is one of the league's best kept secrets, or young Kyrie Irving.

Parker's role with the Cavaliers is pretty similar actually to Antwan Jamison's. They are in the lineup because they can space the floor and shoot the basketball. Neither can create much offense or has anything that could be considered as an elite skill other than maybe standing and shooting. Just don't throw them the ball at the end of the shot clock like the Cavs used to always do with Mo Williams and tell them to try and get you a basket.

Some candidates to be the primary backup to Parker are Daniel Gibson, Alonzo Gee and Manny Harris. Sure, Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga will certainly see time at the SG position this year but I don't consider it their primary spot at this time.

Let's take a look at Gibson, Gee and Harris to see who should be given the first chance to play behind Parker after the jump.

Daniel Gibson - 6'2"

'Boobie' has long endeared himself to Cavaliers fans ever since his astonishing breakout against the Detroit Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals. He also has won over many Clevelanders for being vocally against some things LeBron James has done since he left Cleveland.

The 25-year-old had his most productive season during the forgettable first post-LeBron season last winter. His big strength has always been his shooting as his stroke is one of the purest in the league and that will always be one of his biggest assets.

Fortunately, last season he became fantastic in the distribution department as his assist rate shot up staggeringly. His PER ended up at easily a career high 13.2 so if he can keep up the good outside shooting and passing he can find a place in Byron Scott's rotation.

Unfortunately, he definitely has a few weaknesses too. His size makes defending most SG's really difficult and he simply can't score very often inside 10 feet.

For Gibson to find more minutes, he needs to develop some type of floater so he can use his lethal jump shot as a pump fake at times. Another benefit to him is he can guard point guards because of his quickness which is something everyone in the league knows Ramon Sessions cannot do at all. This may allow him to potentially get some minutes in a back court pairing with Ramon.

Alonzo Gee - 6'6"

Gee's best asset to a claim for backup shooting guard minutes are his size and rebounding. I haven't see a lot of him as he only has been with the Cavaliers for part of a season but if you notice what his strengths are you can guess how his season probably will end up.

He simply isn't better than okay at many things. He's a fair shooter who isn't a solid ball handler. Although he gets to the line a decent amount he has a hard time getting there without losing the ball. His turnover rate is really bad. In that department he's basically the anti-Jamison.

His contributions defensively are solid mainly due to his size for a shooting guard. His limitations seem like they are going to hurt him in his quest to earn significant minutes this season.

Manny Harris - 6'5"

Initially, it looks like Harris is the worst candidate of these guys. His turnover rate is awful, he shot only 37.4% from the field and got owned last season defensively.

But, there are some things that I like. He is the youngest of this group and I sense the most upside from him. He's not much of a catch and shoot player and wasn't either at Michigan. He puts up solid rebounding and passing numbers but they aren't great either.

In the few games I saw him I thought he was one of the toughest players on the team and liked to attack the rim which drew a high number of fouls. He can run the floor well and has okay height for the position.

He isn't going to be a great defender due to slow feet and such a slim frame which allows people to use their physicality to take advantage of him.

Neither Harris or Gee has much of a history with the Cavaliers so I want to see more of them before I'm ready to be done with them. But, they simply can't offer as many things to the team and the versatility that Gibson can bring. And that starts with the things that the best guards can do: shooting and creating things either for yourself or others.