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Free Agent Interest In Anthony Parker?

There have been recent reports linking unrestricted free agent, Anthony Parker, to both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. The Cavaliers would be interested in Parker because he has played for the team the past two seasons and provides some much needed veteran leadership in the locker room. Furthermore, the Cavs don't really have anyone to play shooting guard at the moment and Parker would be a convenient stopgap in the short term.

According to the New York Post (take it with a grain of salt), the Knicks are looking to add bench players and have expressed interest in Parker as well. The Knicks would likely only offer a one-year deal in order to protect their ability to go after star players such as Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. The Cavs have made it clear that they would like to bring Parker back if the price is right, but the draw of playing on a (semi) contender in New York may be more attractive for the 8 year veteran.

I personally don't really care if the Cavs bring Parker back or not. If it's anything more than a one year deal, then I'm against it. He offers some leadership and experience but is nothing special at this point. I know this news is nothing groundbreaking, but it's worth noting, I suppose. My guess is that both teams offer him one year deals and he chooses to play in the Big Apple with a chance to contend. Meanwhile, I will be content to see the Cavs play basically anybody at shooting guard in order to get the best draft pick possible and preserve money.