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Cleveland Cavaliers 2011-2012 NBA Schedule

The NBA released the official schedules for the upcoming 66-game season on Tuesday night. A link to the schedule in its entirety is....right here.

Due to the lockout, there are a few funky things about the new schedule. For example, not every team visits every city. The Los Angeles Lakers do not visit Cleveland and the Cavs never have to play the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. The Oklahoma City Thunder also do not play at Quicken Loans Arena. This is somewhat unfortunate because fans won't get a chance to see all of the biggest stars in their hometowns, but that's the way it goes.

Some notable dates are:

A home and home preseason series against the Detroit Pistons on December 16th and 20th

Opening night, December 26th against the Toronto Raptors

The Return of #6, February 17th at home against Dwyane Wade and his Miami Heat

A 9-game home stand from February 8th to the 22nd

A stretch of 7 games in 9 nights including a back-to-back-to-back from April 13th to the 22nd.

It may also be notable that the Cavaliers are not on TNT or ESPN at all this entire season. Personally, I prefer to listen to Austin Carr call the games and don't need to see constant images of how bad Cleveland sports are on the national broadcast, but I can understand some people feeling snubbed because of this. There will be a few games televised on NBAtv, but I'm not sure how many people even get the channel. I know that I do not get it in my dorm room, so as far as I am concerned, the Cavs won't be televised nationally at all this year. I guess that just gives us the opportunity to build something special and surprised everybody in 2012-13.

The shortened season is condensed into a smaller time frame thanks to the lockout and will provide even fewer off-days. It made some weird adjustments to the schedule but at least we get basketball, right? So, what games are you most looking forward to? Do you want to see Blake Griffin and the Clippers or is it John Wall and the young Washington Wizards? For me, it's all of the games, honestly. Cavaliers basketball is nearly upon us and I could not be more excited.