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Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson Sign Rookie Contracts

With the voting on the new CBA finally official, teams were allowed to make transactions at 2 PM EST on Friday. Shortly after the free agency period officially began, the Cavaliers did the completely necessary. Cleveland was quick to sign both of their first round draft picks, Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving. Both deals are 2 year deals with team options for the 3rd and 4th years. This is nothing truly notable, as it is essentially a mere formality, but it's nice to see done.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Irving's deal is worth $21.9 million and Thompson's deal is worth $16.65 million.

In other Cavaliers news:

  • Baron Davis was not present for the opening day of training camp. Chris Grant and the rest of the front office is still working to decide whether they will use the amnesty clause on Davis and for the time being, he remains on the roster. Byron Scott also made it a point to say that Scott, himself, is the best mentor for Irving as a young point guard.
  • Forward, Tyrell Biggs, was invited to the Cavaliers' training camp off of the Canton Charge roster. Biggs joins Kenny Hayes, Willie Reed, Mychel Thompson, J.P. Prince, and Kyle Goldcamp as D-League players that were invited to the Cavaliers' camp.
  • Chris Grant also said that he is not sure whether or not the team will still be able to use the $14.5 million traded player exception. He's also not sure they would even use it if they have the opportunity. We shall see.
  • The team has also reportedly waived Joey Graham.