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LeBron James Wants Cavs-Wizards Game Televised

LeBron James really just needs to keep quiet - especially about the Cleveland Cavaliers. The latet LeBron foot-in-mouth moment involves his desire to have Sunday's showdown between the Cavs - losers of 26 games in a row - andWashington Wizards - 0-25 on the road - televised, like some kind of horror movie.  

"I think that should be a nationally televised game right there, honestly." He added, "Something has to give in that game."

The Cavs, of course, need to lose tomorrow night to the Clippers to make it possible.

Look, I get it, a game between the NBA's worst road team and the NBA's worst team overall might be fun for a jack-wagon like LeBron James, but really, would some lame network really put that game on TV?

Of course they would, if they think people will watch, and you know those conversations are being had right now at ESPN or TNT or ABC. Should America get to watch the freak show that is the Cavaliers and Wizards 'battle' it out for a spot in the NBA basement?  

Not if you ask me, but it's LeBron that gets those questions and to James there is nothing he'd rather do on a Sunday night.