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Cavs' Mo Williams Expected To Play Against Clippers

Welcome back, Mo Gotti. It seems the Cavs are pulling out all the stops to get a win in their next two games against the Clippers tonight and Wizards on Sunday. Leon Powe is set to return, and as of today, Mo Williams will be back in the lineup as well.

According to multiple reports, Mo had a terrific practice yesterday and is geared up and cleared to play tonight against Blake Griffin and the boys.

Reaction after the jump...

The Cavs have been dangerously thin since Williams went down, and they need the low-post help from Powe and the shooting and dribble-drives from Mo. This takes some of the pressure off of Ramon Sessions, who has been playing out of his mind lately, but has also had to log a ton of minutes.

The rotation will shore up a bit, as Sessions, Mo and Daniel Gibson will primarily rotate at the guard positions. Unless Byron Scott has suddenly had a change of heart, that will cut into Manny Harris's minutes, and I guess we'll keep seeing Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker at SF. Woohoo...

Powe will get in there to help out J.J. Hickson, who has been playing a lot of center. This might actually get Antawn Jamison some rest, as Powe, Hollins, Hickson, and to a lesser extent, Samardo Samuels, can beef up the Cavs down low.

Look this isn't going to suddenly get the Cavs 10 wins in a row, but it's a start. And is the perfect time to get both of those guys back if Cleveland is looking to showcase Powe and Williams before the trade deadline. Good play by both and an indication that both are 100% would go a long way towards upping their value for teams. Williams' contract is still in the way, but is looking less menacing every day, and Powe's expiring deal and veteran depth could help a contender, if even a little bit.

But first, the Cavs need to focus on ending the losing streak. That'd be a nice start.