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Boobie Gibson Disappoints in LA

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Even on All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, the Cavaliers managed to be embarrassed. As the only Cleveland representative in the weekend's festivities, Boobie Gibson left the window wide open for jokes about the Cavs in his very brief appearance. Gibson's inclusion in the 3-point contest was already relatively controversial and was most likely the NBA's way of throwing the Cavaliers a proverbial bone. It could be argued that several other players were worthy of the spot in the contest, such as New Jersey's Anthony Morrow. Gibson's no slouch when it comes to shooting from downtown, but after missing his first 9 shots, Cleveland was sufficiently embarrassed once again. 

Gibson was not considered the favorite by any means, as 3-point king Ray Allen and defending champ, Paul Pierce, were expected to battle it out for the crown, but I was at least hoping for a respectable showing. Gibson finished with only 7 points and would have come in dead last if not for Kevin Durant's 6 point effort. I would still vote Gibson's performance as the most pathetic due to his abysmal 0 for 9 start, and his completely ridiculous haircut. Also, Kevin Durant has other things to fall back on, such as being the NBA's leading scorer. Boobie, on the other hand, is a frequently injured role player for the worst team in the league. 

To make matters worse, Cleveland's arch-enemies stole the show. The Boston Celtics' Allen and Pierce were impressive as expected and James Jones of the Miami Heat won the whole thing. In the end, Boobie Gibson was given the chance to give the Cavaliers something to be proud of this year (no matter how trivial it may actually be), but instead the Cleveland Curse was in full effect as the Cavs organization lost yet another competition to Miami and Boston. Hey, what else is new?