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Let The Trading Begin!

With the "news" that Carmelo Anthony is moving to the New York Knicks, it seems like the rest of the NBA can now begin to move again. The potential deals thrown around concerning the Nuggets, Knicks, and about 10 other teams have held the league hostage up until this point. Now that the "MeloDrama" is over with, expect more trades to come. 

Hopefully, this means the Cavaliers will be shaking things up a bit. There are rumors that they are pursuing Danilo Gallinari from the Denver and of course the Anthony Parker/Ramon Sessions rumors are still in play. Also, what will the Cavs do with that $14 million TPE? Nothing is official and nothing appears imminent, but with only 2 days left before the trade deadline, the other dominos need to start to fall soon. 

Fear the Sword and SB Nation Cleveland will of course keep you updated with the latest trade rumors and official deals when they happen. Stay tuned for what I hope is an active trade deadline for the Cavaliers organization. Feel free to post your feelings about potential trades for the Cavs and generally vent about how relieved you are to have Melo finally be traded.