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NBA Trade Deadline Approaches

The NBA trade deadline is nearing and rumors are in full swing. With all the possibilities it's hard to keep track of who's staying in Cleveland and who's on there way out. 

I decided it's my civil duty to watch twitter and literally every news feed out there to find out who's coming and who's going.

Current Rumors:


  • Anthony Parker - Supposedly has drawn interest from the Celtics as well as the Bulls. The Bulls may be willing to part with a draft pick for him while the Celtics may deal their young big man Semih Erden.
  • Antawn Jamison - Rumor is that the Hornets are in "Win Now" mode and that they're willing to deal a draft pick for the acquisition of Jamison.
  • Leon Powe & Jamario Moon - Have been rumored to be on the way out. If the Cavaliers can not find a trading partner a buyout may be in the plans,
  • Mo Williams - Has been attached to rumors of being traded for Baron Davis, draft picks are a possibility.                            * Rumored to have agreed in principal for trade. waiting on details.
I'll periodically update the rumors of what "offers" are out there and what's on the table. 

But remember people don't shoot the messenger.