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Mo Williams, Jamario Moon Sent To Clippers For Baron Davis, First-Round Pick

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Several sources report that the Cavaliers and Clippers have agreed to a trade sending Mo Williams to the Clippers for Baron Davis

The report was first announced by David Aldridge and can be found here.

Report also here: BOOM

Currently, I have no idea why the Cavs would do this and can't imagine Baron Davis would be happy going from LA to Cleveland. Further reports say that the trade includes Jamario Moon and the Clippers first round pick this year. That's a little bit better, and sources say that that is the final deal. The good news is that the TPE isn't used and this clearly cannot be the final move made by the Cavs. One would assume more trades are in the works. I'm in the "wait and see" mode right now. You can't get worst than last place. Might as well do something. Still a lot of time before the deadline. Once again here's the trade as we know so far:

Cavs trade to Clippers: Mo Williams and Jamario Moon

Clippers trade to Cavs: Baron Davis and 1st round draft pick

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