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It Took 5 Minutes Longer, But Cavs Lose Again, 98-94

In general the concept of a game going into overtime or "free basketball" is something that fans enjoy. You get to watch your team play in a tightly contested game and get five more minutes of basketball goodness. Apparently, the Cavs and Nets did not receive the memo regarding "basketball goodness," and instead attempted to ruin the game of basketball for everyone watching. Two teams going no where this season is hard enough to watch, but considering that both Baron Davis and Deron Williams were unavailable, it became unbearable. 

Neither team managed to shoot over 40% from the field and neither team managed to score over 100 points even with the overtime period. By the end of regulation, most viewers were just thankful that the game was about to end. Little did we know, we were about to experience an extra period of this horrific basketball. My personal feelings about the game mirrored those regarding the Cavaliers' season as a whole. Just end, please. Eventually it did, and what do you know? The Cavs lost again. 

Kris Humphries was absolutely unstoppable for the Nets. In the first start for Ryan Hollins at the center position, we knew it wouldn't be pretty, but I doubt anyone expected Humphries to score 18 points and grab 23 rebounds. Meanwhile the seven foot-tall Ryan Hollins managed only 5 rebounds and 6 points. Why is he starting again?

I don't really have much else to say. Ramon Sessions played pretty terribly until late in the game when he notched a few assists. However, he still finished with more turnovers (5) than assists (2). Pretty pathetic from your starting point guard, no? J.J. Hickson had 17 points and 17 rebounds which is nice. No one else really showed up in this game. The Sweet Sixteen starts tonight, so go ahead and watch some potential lottery picks and feel free to imagine them in Wine and Gold. 

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