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OSU Star Power Forward Jared Sullinger says he will return.

Jared Sullinger promised to return next year. Said he won't change his mind. "I'm a man of my word"less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

An interesting viewpoint on the situation from Kenny Roda:

Sullinger in post game remarks, "I am definitely coming back." Mike Conley told me the same thing moments after OSU lost to Florida in 2007.less than a minute ago via web

It seems like a safe bet that Jared Sullinger will be returning back to Ohio State. The situation with Conley in 2007 is slightly different then what Sullinger is dealing with now.The biggest question is the labor situation this year, (which is looking shaky at best) making it even more likely that Sullinger stays in school. For those who may not follow College Basketball as much or too familiar with the NBA draft. Sullinger was looking at being a lock in the top 3 or 4 picks. And him returning would very well shake up the top picks.